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Nature Products

Organic Tea Blends

The tea is produced in Germany and filled by hand in Traunstein.
Each of our tea blends are unique and 100% ORGANIC.

Handmade Natural Soaps

Our soaps are produced by hand and according to an old family recipe from the oldest soap factory in Austria (1777).

Only high-quality oils and fragrances are used. Furthermore, our soaps are free of conservatives.

Honey from the Etna

Our honey is unique in the world. The place alone makes this honey something special: Etna, the most active volcano in Europe. The lava soil allows the production of unique food products that can only be found at the foot of the volcano.

Plants in a wooden cube

Our NatureCube is a sustainable gift article. The seeds will transform after a short time into plants.

Most of the seeds we use are certified organic and are purchased from well-known seed dealers in Austria and Germany.

Cotton Face Masks

The face masks are hand made in Italy and every face mask has it’s own unique Sicilian design.

The Sicilian pattern makes the mask fancy and elegant. The material is cotton and the masks are reusable.

Nature Clothing

At the moment we have unique ecuadorian ponchos made out of wool.

Action, Adrenaline, Adventure

Our Mission

Spreading a new and sustainable mentality.

Our Vision

We want to influence people to be more nature-friendly, respect mother earth and stop using useless plastic products. It is essential to feel responsible for the planet. Too many people don’t care or don’t understand that humanity dies with our environment if we do not change the way each one of us lives. Every plastic bag that ends in nature destroys beautiful habitats. Even a cigarette bud leads to that.

To sum up, we influence people to be more responsible and respectful towards nature.

Our Projects 

We have lots of projects and ideas ready for you. For example, we are working together with hotels to reduce their plastic pollution, making them Nature-Hotels. Other significant projects are our Nature-Events, which we organize every year in the middle of mother earth, 100% nature-friendly.

Also, we regularly clean up caves, beaches and other remote locations. Not to forget, we sell local and high-quality products in our shop.

Find out more about our projects on our blog

Our Duty

We must protect nature and implement positive change. Thanks to our ever-growing community, we are not alone in this endeavour. Be part of the ATN-Community and write us an email at to join the ATN-Movement.

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We have tons of great nature adventures, zero waste videos and more for you!

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