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When we think of nature, we think of home

Our Story

We are in love with mother nature. But one day we were diving in Sicily and saw so much plastic in the water, impossible to collect it and throw it in the garbage. In addition, we saw fishes eating the plastic. This is why we decided to do something about it and started collecting day for day the plastic out of the oceans. But this never came to an end and that’s why we thought of solving the plastic problem by the root.

We started replacing common plastic products with eco-friendly products, but we soon realized that it’s not enough. We want to change the environmental problems and the best and fastest way is to spread our message. It’s not enough to collect plastic and to replace comon plastic products. We need to start thinking in another way. Starting by what we buy and eat. We have to stop consuming so many useless products and start eating healthy and local food. That’s why we are offering local, eco-friendly and high quality products.

Our products are packed in biodegradable material and we send our products only in biodegradable packages.

But this is is only one part of Addicted To Nature’s plan. We are also sponsoring nature-addicts like us, that love being in the nature. In addition, we started recently organizing “Nature Events”. Our fist sport-event is called Zollhaus Open. It is an Ice-swimming-event and is located in Germany, near Dresden. Our events are unique, because we locate the tournaments in the middle of the nature.

We still have a lot of ideas for the future and we will keep you updated in our blog.

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Our Mission

Spreading a new and sustainable mentality.

Our Vision

We want to influence people to be more nature-friendly, respect mother earth and stop using useless plastic products. It is essential to feel responsible for the planet. Too many people don’t care or don’t understand that humanity dies with our environment if we do not change the way each one of us lives. Every plastic bag that ends in nature destroys beautiful habitats. Even a cigarette bud leads to that.

To sum up, we influence people to be more responsible and respectful towards nature.

Our Projects 

We have lots of projects and ideas ready for you. For example, we are working together with hotels to reduce their plastic pollution, making them Nature-Hotels. Other significant projects are our Nature-Events, which we organize every year in the middle of mother earth, 100% nature-friendly.

Also, we regularly clean up caves, beaches and other remote locations. Not to forget, we sell local and high-quality products in our shop.

Find out more about our projects on our blog.

Our Duty

We must protect nature and implement positive change. Thanks to our ever-growing community, we are not alone in this endeavour. Be part of the ATN-Community and write us an email at info@addicted-to.com to join the ATN-Movement.

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