Cave Cleanup

Collecting plastic and other trash in a cave near Cefalù. After 3 days, the 3 collectors (Aaron Curcio, Noah Curcio and Kai Zivkovic) came on 7 garbage bags. With canoes they transported the waste from the cave to a garbage disposal plant. The cave next to Cefalù is now completely plastic free and accessible!


Plastic collection campaigns are becoming more and more important in today’s world. Fighting together against the big environmental problem is essential. Only in this way can we make it. But everyone must make their contribution, whether small or large. It helps a lot.

Every plastic bottle, every plastic garbage bag, every plastic drinking straw and every piece of plastic that we don’t fish out of the sea or pick up in the woods will eventually end up in our plate.

Microplastic is deadly. It poisons our seas and foods. Health also plays an important role here. Too much microplasty in the body damages our health and can also lead to death. This is often the case with animals, many suffer and die from it.
That is why fishing out and collecting plastic waste is an enormous improvement.

So if you find plastic anywhere in nature, please pick it up and throw it in the nearest garbage can. Even disposing of the smallest piece of plastic helps and provides a great deal of input.

“We have to start replacing plastic products with sustainable products. This will minimise damage to the ecosystem and give our descendants and ourselves a better chance of enjoying nature in the future.”
Aaron Curcio
CEO of Addicted To Nature