Are bamboo & wooden sunglasses strong/robust?

It all depends on the manufacturing processes and the material used. For example, solid bamboo breaks faster than skateboard wood, because different layers of wood are pressed together during the working process in skateboard wooden sunglassesHowever, cracks can still occur if you fall on the glasses unintentionally or if the glasses fall from a high level. We therefore recommend storing the bamboo or wooden sunglasses in a case when not in use. This does not happen with our flexible wooden sunglasses.

What is the average use of bamboo sunglasses? How long can I wear them?

As with other normal sunglasses, this factor is often influenced by the maintenance of the sunglasses. Therefore, there is no precise indicator. That’s why we recommend to put the sunglasses in cases, if not used.

Is the lenses quality of the bamboo & wooden sunglasses good?

Yes. All our lenses are polarized with UV400 protection (Category 3) and CE-normed.

Is the bamboo toothbrush fully biodegradable?

Yes. Even our the bristles are biodegradable, because they are made out of bamboo fibre.

However, with other bamboo toothbrush sellers you should make sure that the whole product is biodegradable. Often other manufacturers sell the handle of the toothbrushes made of bamboo, but the bristles made of plastic. So please be careful.

How fast does bamboo grow?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. The moso bamboo we use can grow up to 1m per day.

Bamboo is round and hollow. How can a flat product be made?

In short, the hollow bamboo stems are split into several rectangular strips. Then they get pressed together for a strong material.

Do bamboo products lead to deforestation? Is it sustainable?

Bamboo is a very sustainable material and it doesn’t lead to deforestation. In fact, the cutting of the bamboo is the most important ecological argument, that makes bamboo so special. Every single year that mother plant develops many new bamboo stems, that can grow to their full length up to 20m in only a few months. From there it takes about 5 years, to gain the required hardness for use in durable products like the bamboo sunglasses, the bamboo tea canister & more. A good organized plantation, can harvest the bamboo every year, while keeping the size of the forest intakt. Bamboo is generally a very eco-friendly choice, not only for the fast growth, but also for the tons of CO2 it absorbs and the massive production of O2. Furthermore, bamboo is already planted in some areas in the rainforest AGAINST deforestation! 😀


Is the panda bear threatened by the production of bamboo products?

Not at all. The bamboo we use is not recognized as a food source for the pandas (the small panda and the giant panda). In addition, Pandas live in the mountainous areas in the centre of China, where they mainly eat the lower bamboo species. They live far away from the areas where the giant bamboo grows!

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