Hiking in the Calanchi



The Calanchi are located next to Lubriano and Civita di Bagnoreggio. The pattern of the rocky landscape is unique in the world.

Lubriano and Civita di Bagnoreggio are two traditional Italian villages. The beauty of the two small towns is also reflected in the nature. Between the two villages are the famous “Calanchi”. Such a rocky landscape is unique in the world. Nevertheless, the hiking trails are never crowded. Few people know the right hiking trails and the best insiders. Our goal of this hike was to spend one night on “La Cattedrale”. This is a local term for an elevated platform, in the middle of the Calanchi. But to find the entrance for the hiking trail was not that easy. Since the hike is not often visited, many parts of the trail are already half overgrown and you can easily confuse a real trail with a wild boar trail. I had to make this experience too. When we started hiking we followed such a track and lost 3 hours because of it. Finally we found the right route, which was along a small river. This route led us directly to the Platteau. There we stayed for one night with a indescribable view of the beautiful Calanchi. This trip is so unique because of the particularity of the landscape. Definitely to recommend!

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