Planting Exotic Trees

Planting challenge

We're addicted to nature and we bet you are too! We had so much fun planting these exotic and tropical trees in our garden in Sicily. We planted 50 trees at the beginning with 20 different species.

It was very difficult, because each plant needed different soil and sunlight. But it was worth it, because now our garden is a little slice of paradise.

This is the list of plants we started with: 3 Avocado, 3 Asimina, 2 Casimiròa, 2 Eugenia Uniflora, 2 Feijoa, 2 Giuggiolo, 3 Guava, 3 Lucumo, 3 Macadamia, 2 Melarosa, 5 Passiflora, 2 Psidium Cattleianum, 2 Plinia Cauliflora, 2 Pecan, 2 Eugenia Aggregata, 3 Anona Cherimolia, 1 Banano, 3 Black Sapote, 2 Lici, and 3 Mango (Ostern and Kensington).

If you're looking for a fun and challenging gardening project, we recommend trying to grow your own tropical oasis!


We are so excited to see the success of our planting challenge! After just one year, we are seeing such positive results. The majority of our plants are healthy and thriving, and we even had some first fruits from our mango, passiflora, guava, and giuggiolo trees! Noah was especially surprised at how much some of the plants had grown. We are constantly planting new plants and we can't wait to see what success we have in the future!

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