Salt Soap – 100g


The high percentage of Atlantic sea salt makes this soap something very special. Soap and salt is the ideal combination for skin cleansing, without colorants and fragrances.

The handmade salt soap is made from precious vegetable oils and 10% pure sea salt after a traditional recipe of the oldest soap factory in Austria.

With no fragrance

With sea salt

Quantity: 100g

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Sea salt soaps regulate the moisture balance of the skin. They are therefore well tolerated even by very sensitive skin and are ideal for cleansing irritated and stressed skin. Especially as a facial soap, the handmade salt soap is very popular, but it is also excellent as a shower soap for the whole body.

In most cases, it is also possible to avoid applying cream immediately after showering and thus give the skin the opportunity to normalize itself. The dull feeling of the skin, which is typical for cleansing with soap shortly after application, disappears quickly and the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Our handmade salt soap gives you a pleasant skin feeling.

Salt soap not only provides care for healthy skin. Our handmade salt soap has a positive effect on skin impurities and pimples. In addition, the Salt Soap cleanses the skin very thoroughly and the water-salt combination enables a gentle rubbing off scaly and rough skin areas. A slight burning sensation with small cracks usually disappears after a few minutes.

What makes our soaps so special: Our soaps are produced by hand and according to an old family recipe from the oldest soap factory in Austria (1777). Only high-quality oils and fragrances are used. This gentle production process preserves the natural glycerine that is produced during saponification. Our cold-stirred soaps are characterized by the gentle and skin-friendly care with a mild and caring soap lather. Furthermore, our soaps are free of conservatives.

Ingredients: Sodium/Potassium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Sodium/Potassium Palmate, Aqua, Maris Sal (Atlantic sea salt), Sodium/Potassium Olivate (saponified olive oil), Glycerin.

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