Beech Cup


The beech drinking cup is perfect for tea, water and other drinks. You can simply clean it by hand. The cup is light and when you drink hot beverages, you wont burn your fingers! 

The whole product is sustainable and the wooden part is biodegradable.



The Beech drinking Cup is a masterpiece of woodworking! It is light and feels soft. You can use it for any beverage you want to drink, because the beech wood protects you from burning your fingers when you drink hot drinks. In addition to that is the drinking feeling much better than the one of a plastic cup, because the water feels more natural.


The top part of the cup is beech wood and the bottom part is stainless steel. You can easily wash the cup by hand. The water capacity is 155ml/ccm, hight is 9cm, inside radius is 3cm (diameter 6cm) and outside radius is 4cm (diameter 8cm).

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