Sleeping in a cave on 2000m

On 2000m height

Cave sleep experiment

Sleeping in a cave on 2000m height in Italy was just crazy. The mountain had snow at some places and it was freezing at night. In this video I summarize the whole trip. Check it out 😉



We started the trip at a height of 1000m and the cave we wanted to sleep in was on 2000m height. So we had a difference of height of 1000m. This was already insane and difficult. On the hike to the top of the mountain we even came across snow and that could only mean one thing: extreme cold at night. On the way to the cave we passed a small lake. Before it got dark we put our sleeping bags and mats on the ground and soon realized that we were not equipped at all for the coming night. The cave protected us at night from the wind that was blowing outside. But it couldn’t protect us from the cold at all.

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