Sleeping in Rifugio Bafile

Abruzzi, Italy

Rifugio Bafile

Here are some impressions of the hiking trip on the Gran Sasso in the Abruzzi, Italy. Sleeping in Rifugio Bafile was thrilling! Check it out 😉



In order to reach the Rifugio Bafile, you need to have special equipment. The way to the Rifugio can be very dangerous. You will need special climbing equipment with ropes and carabiners to attach yourself to the Via Ferrata. Nevertheless, there are many sections where there is no Via Ferrata. If there is still snow in such places; you have a problem.

Of course I was immediately hyped when Lorenzo told me about this hike. We immediately bought the appropriate equipment and tied ropes with carabiners. The weather conditions were good and we decided to go to Campo Imperatore and start hiking from there. After a few hours of the cliffy hiking trail, we finally reached the Via Ferrata. But exactly in this moment a fog front surprised us and we suddenly had a visibility of only 2 meters. We were about to break off the trip, when the fog loosened a little and we started to hook into the Via Ferrata. After several hours of climbing and hiking we suddenly came across a steep slope covered with gravel. There, the Via Ferrata also stopped. Moreover, many parts of the slope were covered with snow. For this section we needed an eternity, because we made every step with care. During the whole hike we did not know when we would arrive, because we did not see the end of our hike through all the fog. After we desperately took one step after another, a small spot in the fog opened up and we saw something red; a small hut; Rifugio Bafile! It felt so close! We marched in quick steps towards the hut and climbed up the last part. We arrived just before sunset and had a fogless view. 
The night was very pleasant, because although we had the wrong sleeping bags with us, the rifugio was overcrowded with thick blankets.

Lorenzo woke me up in the morning and told me we couldn’t get out because the door latch from outside had fallen down at night and had locked the door. We were lucky, because above the door was a small window from which we could get the door latch back open with a stick.

The way back was fogless and pleasant. Very recommendable!

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