Ice Swimming

Hintertux Glacier – Austria

Nature can always surprise you, especially when you are in ice-cold water! Here are some impressions of the ice swimming trip in the Hintertux Glacier in Austria. Check it out 😉



The glacier in Hintertux is one of the most famous glaciers in the world. It hides a labyrinth of passages and water channels inside. But this is not the only reason why the glacier is so special. The water temperatures in the interior of the glacier are around 0°C. But the water masses do not freeze because they are a little bit above the freezing point and are also in motion.

We planned the trip on a weekend together with the experienced ice swimmer Christof Wandratsch.

With a gondola e went up to the glacier. We followed the ice swimmers, who immediately knew the way, into a small hole. So this was the entrance. We climbed in and couldn’t believe we were in a glacier now. The walls glowed in a bright blue and we went through a long glacier system until we hit a water channel. We first went through it with a big inflatable boat and that was the moment when the ice swimmers made it clear to us that we would soon swim in this channel. I put my hand in the freezing cold water and thought that only crazy people can go in here.

A few minutes later we finished the boat tour and we had to change ourselves. My father and I were the first ones to go in. I just turned off my head and stopped thinking about the ice water that I would soon feel. “Down the ladder and in.” – that was my only thought. My body filled with adrenaline as my feet touched the water. I climbed all the way in and swam away, feeling the freezing cold water that was about to freeze. After a short back and forth in the water I climbed out the ladder again and felt divine.

A great experience, definitely recommendable!

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