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This event is one of 9 Ice Cup Stations for ice swimming. The lake in the middle of the nature makes this event special. Everyone with good healh can participate here. From 50m to 1000m in the ice-cold water (from 0-5°C). The event takes place once a year in the “Landhotel Altes Zollhaus” in Hermsdorf, Germany.

100% nature

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Yes you can!

Something For Everyone!

Yes, you can! This event is open for everyone with good health. From newcomers to professional ice swimmers. If you are not professional you can easily start with 50m.

Ice Swimming is also good for your health. It releases dopamine and serotonin. It stimulates your parasympathetic system which is responsible for rest and repair.


Freestyle, Breaststroke & Butterfly









Ice swimming is a challenge for EVERYBODY!

More infos

Dear ice swimming friends,
after the premiere in 2019, we are looking forward to host the second Zollhaus Open. The Landhotel Altes Zollhaus is located in – in the middle of nature – and offers an ideal location for this competition. We are situated at an altitude of 800 meters, which guarantees us a nice cold weather at the end of February. The starting signal will be given on 29.02.2020.
We also offer our participants a wonderful wellness area with 4 different saunas for warming up and we provide a bathing tub directly at the competition lake.
After the award ceremony there will be a closing party with a Sicilian buffet and pizza – original from the stone oven.
We are looking forward to you!
Gerrit, Aaron and Noah

Saturday 29 February 2020
At the Landhotel Altes Zollhaus in the Erzgebirge
Altenberger Str. 7
01776 Hermsdorf / Erzgebirge
Tel: 035057-540
Start of competition:
On Saturday the 29.02.2020 from 9.30 am
Opening of the competition office:
On Friday, 28.02.2020 from 17.00 to 19.00 for registration
Start Zollhaus Open Saturday 29.02.2020, hours:
* 07:30 Opening of the competition office
* 08:00 am to 9:15 am Medical Check for participants of the 1000m freestyle
* 09:15 a.m. Opening and safety briefing for all participants
* 09:30 Start 1000m freestyle
* 11:50 am Start Everyman Swimming with participation certificate
* Starting at 1:00 p.m.
* 50m freestyle
* 50m butterfly
* 100m breast
* 4x50m freestyle relay
* 200m freestyle
* Afterwards award ceremony in the Landhotel Altes Zollhaus with pizza party
Directly at the Landhotel Altes Zollhaus
Addicted To Nature & Landhotel Altes Zollhaus
Gerrit Curcio & Aaron Curcio & Noah Curcio
Phone or also WhatAapp: +393483579166

Race fees:
* 1000m freestyle 45 Euro
* 200m freestyle 35 Euro
* 100m breast 30 Euro
* 50m butterfly / 50m freestyle 20 Euro
* 4x50m freestyle relay: free of charge
pre-registration deadline 26.02.2020 until 19:00
Late registration 28.02.2020 until 19.00 costs 10 Euro more.
Late registration on the day of competition not possible
Swimming place:
Lower lake from the Landhotel Altes Zollhaus 25m lane, 3 lanes
Water temperature:
Temperature: approx. + 3°C- 4°C, water depth: 1,60m – 1,80m
Track security:
water safety, doctor, rescue service
Manual timekeeping
Valuation classes:
* AK 12-15
* AK 16-29
* AK 30-39
* AK 40-49
* AK 50-59
* AK 60-69
* AK 70-99

Pizza Party after the event:
We offer our participants a delicious stone oven pizza after the event. There is also a sicilian buffet with party…;-)
20 Euro, who wants to enjoy the food. Please indicate this on your registration form.

Highlights 22.02.2019

Zollhaus Open Trailer 2019

This is the trailer of the first Zollhaus Open. World champion Christof Wandratsch and world record holder Sven Elfferich were participating on short distances like 50m, but also on long distances of 1000m. Alisa Fatum, that holds the world record on 1000m at the women’s, was here too.

The small lake had water temperatures around 1,8°C, perfect conditions for the ice swimmers. 25m is the distance of the swimming lane.



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